Proactive Tax Planning & Collabortive Accounting


Delivering results with you, not at you.

Relationship-Focused Solutions


Tired of feeling like your profits are going to the IRS?  You may be paying more in taxes than you need to.  Our proactive tax planning services help identify opportunities to implement legal, tax saving strategies that can help maximize your available deductions and minimize taxes paid.  We follow a three phase approach when delivering our planning services:


  • Seek out missed opportunities
  • Identify available tax saving strategies
  • Formal written plan document
  • Actionable road map for implementation
  • Ongoing support

We provide a written tax plan that can serve as a road map to reducing your current and future tax burden through the effective use of documented strategies and business practices.


Are you getting all the information you need from your accounting relationships and software to make effective, timely, and meaningful decisions? 

If you would like to gain further meaning behind the numbers in order to make strides toward your future plans, then accept this invitation to experience what a collaborative relationship with us could provide.

  • Strategic alliance to focus on what you do best
  • We have subject matter expertise with certifications in accounting software and supporting applications
  • Transaction structuring and data entry support
  • Bill payment processing
  • Bank account and credit card reconciliation
  • Preparation of reporting packet for management use
  • Ongoing meetings to discuss results and future plans

Be accountable to yourself. It’s time to determine if you’re making traction toward your goals.

advisory and consulting

We recognize that we are not everything for everyone, and we're very comfortable admitting that fact.  There are times, however, that we do possess a required knowledge, skill or resource that is not currently available within your company.

Given our specialized backgrounds, we are prepared to assist with projects that would require significant additional training in order to complete in-house.

  • Financing assistance
  • Industry benchmarking analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Business plan development and documentation
  • Reasonable compensation analysis
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Corporate compliance and documentation
  • Internal audit and compliance review
  • Risk assessment and control analysis

To discuss your current need or take action on a project that continues to be put off, email or call us today at 360-474-5892.

Tate’s ability to help us reach our financial goals and obtain financing while providing top notch customer service impressed us. We have tried a few accountants in the past - and no one compares.
— Bryan G, Tech Industry Business Owner