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Knowledge. Experience. Collaboration.

My uncle told me on multiple occasions that experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. Serving in diverse financial leadership positions, I witnessed plenty of experience - and success. I opened our practice to offer business owners what they want from a trusted advisor:

  • Access to knowledgeable professionals

  • Relevant and accurate information

  • Transparent pricing for services

  • Open communication

  • Recognizing the value of relationships

As we have grown, we developed a practice primarily serving self-employed individuals and members of closely held businesses, a.k.a. small businesses, who operate in the real estate, construction and technology industries.

We maintain offices in Maple Valley and Snohomish Washington, and are licensed to practice in Washington and Nevada.  When planning a visit to either of our office locations, please call to schedule your appointment as we often work with customers at their business locations.



Finding the right advisor to move your company forward is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer consultations to understand your needs, the scope of your goals and your constraints.

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Tate Ensign

Influenced by my upbringing as the son of two teachers in Maple Valley, WA, I recognize the value of quality time and encourage continued learning opportunities.  While attending college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, I realized there are places in the northwest where the sun does actually shine throughout all four seasons.  I thoroughly enjoy outdoor activities, rain or shine, and sharing those adventures with my family and friends.  

Following my passion for logic and hospitality, I joined one of the largest accounting firms in the country, and quickly focused my professional attention on the gaming industry.  Based in Las Vegas, NV and touring the country supporting the industry, I was exposed to heavy regulation, compliance programs, constant expansion, construction, restaurant, lodging, acquisitions, financing, and general business operations.  Looking back now, I am convinced there are few industries that provide the opportunity to be exposed to so many important aspects of business and finance that the hospitality industry did for me.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a number of challenges and “experiences” had along the way, but recognizing the learning opportunities from those experiences has led to greater success and depth of knowledge to share with those I have the pleasure of working with. 

I returned to the northwest in July of 2006, accepting the position of Chief Financial Officer for a community bank serving rural communities through a multi-state sixteen branch network.  It was in this position that I realized organization in a small business seeking financing cannot be stressed enough.  A great idea may quickly be dismissed and result in a missed opportunity if the documentation is not prepared and organized in a fashion that supports the project.  I find it very rewarding when helping business owners achieve their goals and assist them with expanding their financing options. 

When my wife and I started our family, the internal priorities in my life quickly rose to the surface, and I needed to make a change.  We returned to western Washington to raise our children and enable them to share their adventures with their grandparents and extended family members.  We recognized what was important to us and took action. 

Today, I continue to enjoy working with entrepreneurial relationships, specifically in real estate and construction related industries.  My personal preference to work hard and enjoy some outdoor play time tends to gel with those involved in these fields.  Referral introductions from our current customer relationships lead to tremendous discussions and stories that keep me focused on providing exceptional service. 

I appreciate you investing your time to learn more about my story and I look forward to having the opportunity to learn from yours soon.




Okay, so it’s not quite that bad and even though he and his sister are significantly bigger now, they still manage to effectively collect “their share” when their services are required. Interested in how you can properly employ family members? It can be a powerful planning strategy for many circumstances, while encouraging a positive work ethic.



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Our team of chocolate Labradors are playful and friendly. If they bark during a phone conversation, we promise to feed them treats and rub their bellies.



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